Wecom is a Brazilian company specialized in network projects and integration of products that use information and telecommunication technologies. Wecom is the official Latin America distributor of the giant South Korean Ericsson-LG.


Holding years of experience in the area, and a large portfolio of products, services and clients, Wecom wanted to grow even more and offer a new solution to the Telecom Market, and for that reached us out to contract our Startup Kit service.

Together, we developed WeCall, a controlling and management solution to call centers with native integration to iPEC switchboards, from Ericsson/LG. The challenge was to obtain real time call information, integrating with a CRM database, thereby making communication of agents and supervisors with their clients easier.


The project developed needed to present a complete call center management, from incoming and outgoing call flow, waiting time to service, higher intensity period of day, to business issues themselves, all to favor decision making by the management. One of the differentials is the direct integration with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) within the same system, without the need to use a third party software. The system is integrated to a database which is automatically activated when the call starts, so that the attendant has easy and fast access to that client's information.

The product allows customization and picking of modules to each company profile to use the system. What means that different trades of business can adapt the design and the plug-ins to better fit into its own needs.


  • Native integration with the iPECS switchboards Ericsson/LG to obtain realtime information about the calls and agents' status
  • Application for call center supervisors to manage the performance of cells and logged agents, such as the visualization of reports
  • Application for the agent, native to Windows, Linux and MacOS, so that they can obtain information about the calling number and its history when they answer the call


MongoDB Express AngularJS Node.js Electron

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