Vogel is among the main telecommunication companies in the Brazilian market and offers high capacity connectivity services to companies of several sizes and fields of business.


Focusing on the corporate market, one of the products Vogel has in its vast portfolio is the sale of voice contracts, which is the possibility of clients having telephones to make and receive calls. Considering the great volume of daily calls from clients, one of the challenge of the software was to constantly capture these phone calls from the platform responsible for the ticketing and store this information for future billing calculations.

Our goal was to create a link between many existing platforms so that they work as intelligently and transparently as possible for the company. Since the solution is used by several departments within the organization, usability and reliability were fundamental for the success of the project.


The solution we built was able to integrate the platforms already used by the company, bringing information from one to the other, all through an efficient and intelligent flow.

The software accounts in real time all phone calls from each phone line done by the client, so, at the end of the month, it is possible to easily validate the amounts spent by each client, generating the respective billings.

Since the solution is used by several departments, the utilization of the tool helped increase the control and made easier the management of the Voice Department, since all management is now done through a single platform.

Commercial area was also served in the changes, with the implementation of a flow for the business proposals, totally integrated to other system functionalities, so, when a sale is realized, the responsible department for the activation already has all information needed. Finally, a large quantity of reports is available for analysis and management of the company indicators.


  • Improvement of existing systems
  • Higher control of the business itself
  • Acceleration on delivering services
  • Promptness and transparency on processes
  • Higher reliability on billing values


Python 3.5 Django PostgreSQL Angular

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