FEPPS was an independent organ of the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul, responsible for paternity and maternity testing for the Court of Law and Public Defender. Nowadays it is part of the State Health Secretary, by the present Administration.


FEPPS has a large work demand with the exams of family investigation of maternity and paternity within Rio Grande do Sul requested by law. FEPPS opened a public auction notice for a company specialized in statistics calculations of paternity and maternity to create a web system able to unify all generated information fast and efficiently.

Previously, FEPPS did not have a computerized system to perform auditing and tracking of status of the collected material, its process, parts involved, and mainly, reports generated with the respective results.

One of the challenges was to integrate the developed software with the equipment Applied Biosystem from ThermoFisher. This equipment performs the analysis of the blood samples collected and generates the results used for the calculation of the Combined Maternity Index (CMI) and of the Combined Paternity Index (CPI).

Another challenge was to guarantee the reliability of these statistics calculations done, and present them in a technical report with the respective calculations.


We created a software which performs the necessary calculations to substantiate the DNA tests (maternity and paternity). All information from the processes and parts involved is fed into the software, which imports, analyses and generates the technical report presenting the result, bringing more credibility to the results delivered by our client. The solution created is completely customized, attending not only the need for efficiency with the exams itself, but at other administrative needs as well.

One of the functionalities is the control and auditing over the cases, such as the data of the examinees and their respective family members, the history with date and time, besides the responsible for inputting information into the system.

This new software makes possible to quickly locate and track the movement of exams and production of technical reports, allowing re-collects for results already delivered, independently of the date of the first testing. Having the status of the exams and technical reports available in real time and be able of accessing them quickly is important to facilitate and organize the work for users and the public life.


  • Higher reliability on results
  • Automatized database and document files
  • Faster and integrated processes
  • Patient and exam information easily located


Python 2.7 TurboGears PostgreSQL

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