CORSAN is the public institution responsible for supplying drinking water to over 316 cities within Rio Grande do Sul, attending approximately seven million people.


At the end of 2015 Corsan was looking for a company specialized in software development that could provide real time management to all services and repairs performed by the Corsan and its contracted companies in over 2500 operational units. Sthima was chosen after a public auction and from then on we have worked together to determine which were the main objectives and how to project the solution in the best possible way.

What we noticed when we analyzed the work system of the institution was that they organized all internal processes using loose forms and spreadsheets, besides doing all data analysis manually. Such practice consumed a lot of time and influenced, negatively, the performance of the business. For being a manual process, the company had difficulties to concentrate data over operation sites, work orders, pending services, which tasks were being performed or on hold.


When we developed a software which centralizes information, we put together everything the management of the company targeted in a single platform, like the complete history of the performed activities by each employee or contracted company, with pictures, location and time, so that the progress of operations can be easily analyzed. Besides, the software developed is integrated with SMS, e-mail and Open Street Maps, what makes easier to follow, in real time, and helps anticipate possible changes to planning.

The software brought an improvement to contract management with contractor companies, calculating how much of the budget of each contract is still available to use, besides registering which equipment were purchased or replaced, pricing, installation date and the history of maintenance on such equipment.

The solution also includes dynamic reports which help decision making and cost control of each operational unit, controlling time invested in each repair and in the detection of problems, making the Company's administrative and financial processes easier.


  • Unification of platforms
  • Efficient financial control
  • Promptness on internal and external services
  • Quality on service to the final consumer


Python 3.5 Django MySQL Bootstrap Open Street Maps SMS

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